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Beacon is a Title Production as a Service (TPaaS) platform that delivers workflow efficiencies to title agents through a growing list of products, dashboards, and workflow management tools.
REalSearch Decision Reports
REalSearch Decision Reports are created using an automated, intelligent decisioning platform to provide decision reports in a fraction of the time and cost as traditional processing by utilizing both conventional and unconventional data sources. The result is an underwriter-approved commitment that is accurate and can be immediately distributed to the consumer.
REalSearch Decision Reports also come with a document run sheet and a document package of all available electronic documents associated with the property. This includes, but is not limited to, things like Warranty Deeds, Trust Deed/Mortgages, Notices of Lis Pendens, Intrafamily Transfer Dissolutions, etc.
Manual Order Entry
Not ready for full automation?
Not using a system that can be integrated?
Or maybe just not enough volume to justify building out an automated system?
Beacon has you covered with the ability to manually enter orders and instantly download products, reports, and other documents.
Beacon uses Postman to document and test every aspect of the API. This information is designed to inform non-technical users as well as fully instruct programmers on how to build an integration to Beacon. As always, we're happy to talk and work with any organization on specific needs.
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API Authentication Tokens
The Beacon API uses bearer tokens.
Beacon uses AES-256 for two-way data encryption.
After we get you setup with a user account, customers can create new tokens at any time.
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